let’s connect and feel the harmony & freedom within.

 “Bring the calmness in the Parenting Now.” 

“Enjoy parenting and raise resilient beings.”

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Hello, I am Your Flow Guide Shavleen…

I can resonate with feeling stuck, aimless, lost and alone and constantly searching for answers and peace.


The moment I accepted and sought guidance, I saw the light on another side of the tunnel. I started trusting myself, asking questions, learning, expanding and taking action. Some days were good, and some days were a struggle, but the common theme was that I kept working towards growth which is the path I am still following.


I help cultivate the mindset of individuals and guide parents to reparent and love themselves and connect to nurture their children.


Most of the answers to life situations lie within ourselves, and all that’s needed is to create a little pause and connect within.’

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We need to connect within ourselves and find our emotional balance to connect better with our children & loved ones.

You make small shifts and improve in one area of your life, and you can witness the effect in all the other areas of life.

Kids model our behaviour and mirror our emotions and feelings. All we want is best for our kids, but raising a child is about first understanding own selves as parents.

Parenting can become the most powerful personal development tool.

"Do you feel that you are ready to know and start the journey of finding your true self and going where you always wanted to Be"?

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My Offerings

Reconnection and Awareness

1:1 Personalised 6-8 Week Coaching Program


90 min single session to recalibrate

Align Goals, Vision and Values

An intensive 3 hrs session to uncover values that Drives us.


Mindset Breakthrough Day

Full-Day Breakthrough session or 2 half days

Along with 3 integration sessions Package