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Can we teach happiness?

The only important lesson I wanted to give my kids is to be, feel and have happiness in life.

And "I realise":-

I can not teach them to be happy they will be when I feel HAPPY and be HAPPY.

My kids are the reason for my quest to discover my higher self.

In order to be a Conscious Parent, I knew I needed to parent my inner child first~

So, I started noticing what triggers me.

Why it triggers me.

I sought help, read and took coaching from my coach.

Able to heal my traumas and emotional pain.

Stayed open and practised Kindness towards ME.


My healing and growth has given rise to my awareness~

I am aware of my actions and reactions, which gives my Girls the space to grow, evolve, be unique, resilient, express freely, feel secure, content and loved.

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