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“Feel and believe you are going great.”


Your Flow Guide......

The biggest reason to follow this path was my own experience. Facing Mental challenges, behaviour patterns, unhelpful emotions and limiting beliefs made me feel stuck and in a cage of my thoughts. Going down the rabbit hole, they all linked to my childhood, just as many clients’ reasons for problems take them back to the first 7 years of age.


Knowing what I learned through my challenges and reflecting by creating the pause showed me the path of being fully present and connecting with myself first

This commenced the journey of conscious parenting for me. Putting a halt to passing the old life scripts to the next generation.

Many therapists, counsellors, and writers believe the root cause of parental anxiety is fear, high expectations, the constant need to fix a child, constant societal pressure, a busy schedule, and high dopamine release by increasing the constant stimulation in the world.

It’s inevitable for a child to learn a coping skill from a stressed and anxious parent.


Parenting is the most spiritual, joyful experience, and we Evolve as an individual while parenting.


Many parents now believe and are open to the golden opportunity to create change in them. They reparent themselves first to parent their kids to reach their full potential in life and become authentic beings.

That's why I commenced working as a coach to help resolve the triggers, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in your life as a parent, partner, or in your career.

“Unleash your potential for you to support the one model from you.”

"It is the time to take ownership of your stories, beliefs and behaviours"

In this fast-paced, high stimulating and highly competitive world, Parents often share concerns and worry about how they can support their kids best.