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Sarah Miller

I immediately felt safe and so at ease in Shavleen’s presence. Her natural energy is healing and supportive. Working with Shavleen, I’ve been able to gain clarity and perspective on some of my longest-standing life challenges in such a short time, which has been mind-blowing! I would 1000% recommend Shavleen as a coach, hypnotherapist & just overall healer. Thank you Shavleen

Susannah Piek

I had a beautiful NLP coaching session with Shavleen and she has helped me move through so much. Not only did she help me identify and remove a limiting belief, she also identified the underlying negative emotion that has been limiting my success and removed that too. I feel so much freer and lighter now just by changing the way I think. Shavleen has helped me completely transform my mindset, which has had such a positive impact on my life. I can’t thank her enough.


Shavleen also worked on my fear emotion, and just like that-BOME-GONE. I know I went deep today in the hypnosis & with shavleen guidance & support, I trust & believe I am moving things and turning them into emotions.

Sokha Khun

I am a mother, wife a daughter but who I really am was not defined by those titles. Shavleen reignited my true self and gave the soul the motivation, love encouragement and support that I needed to get myself out of a rut. I simply can't even have words to describe how alive I feel internally and to have trust within myself to tackle some of life hard knocks. I smile everytime I think of my session with Shavleen because something magical happened in me that has left me feeling amazing after 1 session imagine several sessions i would be walking on clouds and having a feeling of limitless. I could create and do anything I am called of doing in this lifetime. I highly recommend Shavleen if anyone is looking to change their lives. 5 stars

Skye Louise

Hello my name is Skye 

I recently did some inner work with shavleen, I was very nervous through this as trauma I had shut off part of my femininity. And I am on a journey to reclaim that part of myself to better the intimacy with my husband. 

Shavleen used hypnotherapy to help me overcome this hurdle, she was an amazing coach who held no judgement but at the same time didn't let me sugarcoat and pushed me when needed 

Through our session, she was 100% focused on my success, 

I wanted to say thank you for holding space for me and I would highly recommend shavleen, to anyone wanting to remove blocks

I was drawn this year to the beautiful heart of Shavleen & her work in the world, after so much turmoil in my life recently, confusion & disharmony that I am at times with most not open about but I was called to evolve the way I am loving & showing up for myself instead of my focusing on showing up for everyone else it was time to do my inner work. 
Aligning with my heart I am finding clarity, connection & with gentle guidance from another Soul who is gifting me a new way of seeing my mind, thoughts, actions & shining light in from another perspective is powerful … if your in a transition & what to go deep to change your life I recommend you have a conversation & connect  with Shavleen Kaur who is a trained NLP Life Coach I feel so grateful for her showing up in my life.

Shavleen is an amazing coach. She allowed me to feel safe and comfortable to open up & show up as me. I had some incredible breakthroughs with her guidance. I now don't feel stuck & am keen to keep growing and move forward. Very grateful for your love and honesty. It was exactly what I needed.

Alex Nicolaidis

Shavleen has held a beautiful space for me to be able to lean on into my feminine energy, open up and express my vulnerable side to really dig deep and move past limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Her grounded and calming presence is infectious!

I have been to many counsellors over the years to try to help me feel comfortable in my own body. They have all sent me away saying there is nothing wrong, I am an amazing mother and person, yet I walked away feeling weak and empty. Noone has understood the issue I have between how I feel and how people perceive me. Until I was drawn to you. It was the fact you reminded me of my Aunty, the most incredible human I have ever met. So I thought I would take a chance. I can't say I was doubtful in hypnotism as I am a huge believer in alternative healing, but I was doubtful you could help me.

Shavleen, I cannot describe how I feel now. I know who I am and that what people see is not me faking it or putting on a mask. It is simply me. Being strong and brave and living my best life. 
The phone calls and message I received from you have ALWAYS come with perfect timing. When I was struggling with daily issues, there you were reinforcing that I can do it. Asking the questions I needed to answer and make me dig deep to find the answers I always had in me. Just couldn't hear due to my mind being so busy. 
I cannot thank you enough for sharing your calling and showing me how to listen to myself. I am so grateful to you.

I always look forward to my conversations with Shavleen. Her soothinly hypnotic way of communicating strikes a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience, skills and techniques. She hasx a gentle way of pressing into a situation or problem and supports me with helpful insights and guides me to resolutions of my own knowing. I continue to lean into the support Shavleen provides as I move through my journey of self discovery.


Jennifer Rose

Anne Morris

Leanne Davis

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